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Reiki I and II
  1. Will Reiki help me to take down stress levels of everyday life and stay in balance?
  2. Will Reiki help me to heal myself, my family and friends?
  3. Is Reiki easy to learn?

These are the most frequently asked questions by people wanting Reiki classes and Reiki Hands-On healing.

Reiki University Point of Focus methods, as taught through The Reiki Peace Network, are very simple, yet powerful healing tools which work to relax you and take down stress levels. These healing tools are simple for you to learn and use and you will be able to help yourself and others every day whenever healing is needed.

After you take your Reiki University Point of Focus Certified Workshop, soothing heat will flow through your hands--Reiki healing energy! The Reiki energy will be available to you for a lifetime once you have taken your Reiki University Reiki I and II Certified Workshop.

In your Reiki University Reiki I and II Certified Workshop, you will receive a wonderful weekend of healing, de-stressing and relaxation--two peaceful days of Reiki healing--and all the information you need to use your Reiki at home. You will be given materials on Reiki to take with you for review. Also, you will receive (by mail) a beautiful Reiki certificate suitable for framing. And, your Reiki University Certified Reiki Master/teacher will be available to support you and answer questions after your Reiki workshop.

At Reiki University Point of Focus Workshops we limit class size so that you get personal attention. This is very necessary for quality Reiki teaching--so that we can teach to your needs--both your stated and underlying healing needs.

Learning Reiki Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3:

  1. Choose the weekend workshop that fits your schedule.
  2. Call Reiki University/The Reiki Peace Network to Register for classes. (note: Visa/MC/Amex accepted)
  3. Attend your Reiki University Workshop.

Fill out the Reiki Levels I and II Registration Form
or call Reiki University (toll free): 1-877-HealNet

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