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Advanced Reiki Training
  1. How will Advanced Reiki Training increase my Reiki healing abilities?
  2. How will this course prepare me for Reiki Master Level?
  3. What new healing techniques will I be taught?

These are the most frequently asked questions of Level II Reiki students preparing to become Reiki Masters.

At your Reiki University Advanced Reiki Training Point of Focus workshop, you will learn specific active Reiki healing techniques for removing negative energies and imbalances in yourself and others.

The level of your Reiki healing will be greatly enhanced with Point of Focus intensified Reiki. You will learn how to bring your subtle energy healing from the unconscious level up to the conscious level in all of your Reiki healing.

You will learn to amplify and send continuous distant Reiki healing through the use of crystals and Point of Focus energy intensifying and balancing techniques.

You will learn how to use attunement energies and the Master level symbol to raise the energy frequency and intensity of your healing.

This course is required for Reiki University Master Level and it is taught as part of your three day Advanced Reiki Training/Reiki Master Level workshop.

Ask a Reiki University Certified Reiki Master about Your Advanced Reiki Training/Master Level Workshop

Call Reiki University (toll free): 877-HealNet or
Email: click here for: A.R.T./Reiki Master Registration.

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