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Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master

Reiki University
cordially invites you to increase your healing skills*

Advanced Reiki Training--
Reiki Master (III)
Certified Workshops

Featuring: Active Point of Focus
Reiki Healing Techniques and Attunement Skills

Tuition: $1,000.00
(tuition slightly higher for out of town classes)
$200.00 registration deposit required
VISA /MasterCard/AMEX Accepted

*open to those who have completed Reiki Level 2

Reiki University - Advanced Reiki Training--
Reiki Master (III) Level
Degree Certification Program

Class Registration Form

Name - ______________________________________________________
Address - ____________________________________________________

Phone Number - _______________________________________________

Email Address - _______________________________________________

Dates (see workshop schedule) - ___________________________________

The tuition for A. R. T./Reiki (III) Master Level is $1000 (tuition slightly higher for out of town classes.) This covers all necessary supplies and materials for a certified three day workshop. A registration deposit of $200.00 is required. The balance of $800.00 must be paid on or before the first day of class. For your convenience, we accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express as well as check/money orders.

Please make check/money orders payable to: Reiki Peace Network-- Send (along with a completed printed copy of this form) to:
Ellen Louise Kahne, Reiki Master
Reiki Peace Network® and Reiki University™
P.O. Box 40426
Glen Oaks, New York 11004

Method of Payment:              

Cash ______  Check or Money Order_______

MasterCard_______  VISA_______  American Express______

Card # - __________________________ Expiration Date __________

Amount of Payment - _______________

Balance Due - _______________

Confirmation of registration will be sent via the U.S. Mail along with recommendations and suggestions for the class.

To register, call Reiki University (toll free): 1-877-HealNet
or email:


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