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I founded The Reiki Peace Network and Reiki University to teach Point of Focus Reiki Techniques to promote the sharing and advance of Reiki healing and for the healing of the Reiki community. Reiki healers of all levels and all Usui lineage's are encouraged to participate in our Reiki marathons and events, Reiki retreats and weekly Reiki exchanges.

I have been privileged to teach many students in healing/helping professions. I have worked with seriously ill and terminally ill clients, survivors of abuse, athletes who wish to improve performance and heal old injuries, surgical and hospital patients, and many others who have come seeking healing, balance and empowerment. I have counseled, facilitated and done healing work for and with Reiki communities and individuals nationally and internationally.

I developed Point of Focus Reiki Workshops to intensify strengthen and focus active Reiki healing energies. Because of the great need to empower, protect and balance young people, I teach a specially developed Reiki level I course for children.

I am a native New Yorker committed to the raising of consciousness and healing of New York City and the world. When my "angelic city with a dirty face" is completely and totally healed and in balance, the rest of the planet will gain hope and momentum from knowing that just as complete healing can take place here, it is possible anywhere.

I travel and teach and have an active healing practice in my beautiful, vibrant hometown. My busy healing/teaching practice has become an international magnet for healers and healing. People have come to me for healing and workshops from differing cultures and nations around the world and this has been a great blessing. My students and clients have gone forth to distant lands to share loving testimonies of healing and have emerged as outstanding healers and teachers.

From my loving and nurturing family, I learned early that there were no limits to the creativity or accomplishments of the human Spirit but those we set over ourselves. I learned the value of an open and loving heart in myself and others, to champion those weaker than myself, and never to judge a person by the color of his or her skin, belief system or by shallow external trappings. Truly, I was raised in an atmosphere of tolerance, love, and freedom from prejudice. Also, I was raised by people who loved books, poetry, music and art and encouraged the flowering of creativity in themselves and in others.

Involvement with the Reiki community has added many cherished friends over the past several years. All those who have touched my heart give service to Spirit in some way and are doing their share (and more) to touch other lives and heal themselves and the planet, walking the many paths that always circumscribe the One Path.

My interest in alternative healing was inspired by a desire to evolve into a very fit, healthy and productive elder some day. To this end, I became knowledgeable about healthy and energizing foods, learned about alternative medicine, herbs, chiropractic, meditation, yoga, tai chi and energy medicine, including Reiki. I learned to racewalk and have completed two New York City Marathons (26.2 miles of blisters and bliss!).

My exposure to and learning of all of this made me feel so much more alive than I had ever felt. When I learned Reiki, I started to heal out old "stuff." I had been hospitalized for a year as a young child with a serious kidney condition. Reiki "peeled the onion" down through the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical layers to the very deepest places where healing was needed. I knew that I wanted to help others, as I had been helped so effectively and so deeply.

In order to serve as a Reiki healer, I sought and received training from several teachers of Reiki. Josephine Miranda, a traditional Usui Reiki Master, was my first teacher. I studied with her for two and a half years as a Master in Training. I completed Reiki Master training and added levels of Master/Healer training   with William Rand and other Reiki Masters.

I am (and always will be) open to learning, sharing and growing in Reiki both with and for my students and with other Reiki Masters from all of the lineage's of Reiki. I am still learning and healing as I grow as a healer and as a teacher and I encourage my students to do the same.

My courses are taught in a relaxed atmosphere. I am an intuitive healer and I encourage the opening of gifts in others. Humor, poetry and most of all Unconditional Love are integral parts of my teaching style.

It is a joy and a privilege to practice Reiki, to observe Reiki healing and to live closer each day to the balance and the principles of the Reiki energy.

With Blessings of Love, Joy, and Peace to each of you, for personal, planetary and Universal Healing,


Ellen Louise Kahne, President and founder of The Reiki Peace Network®, Inc. and Reiki University® is an active Reiki Master/Karuna V +Plus Point of Focus® Master/healer certified to teach all levels of Reiki and Karuna Master level healing. Ellen is a performance poet and writer who uses Point of Focus© healing techniques, poetry, meditation and vibrational sound energies in her teaching and healing practice. You can email Ellen at Questions about Reiki and alternative healing, etc. are welcome from all those who wish more information.

© Reiki Peace Network. All rights reserved.

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