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Karuna Master Healer Level

Deepening and Expanding Your Healing Skills

After Usui Master Level-How do I advance, refine and intensify my skills as I clear my own deep healing issues?

"What's next?" This is the most frequently asked question of Reiki Masters, after gaining experience in traditional Usui Master Level skills.

Karuna Master Healer Level as taught exclusively by Reiki University utilizes the very deep penetrating energies of Karuna along with very active Plus-point of focus techniques, and additional vibrational energies in order to:

  1. Clear and heal karmic issues in yourself and others.
  2. Unblock and facilitate the flow of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical energies, so that positive changes can take place in an enhanced, accelerated and balanced manner.
  3. Generate and maintain a greatly enhanced--higher, "cleaner" and more stabile--vibrational field (your energy matrix).
  4. Vibrational Sound and Instrumental Healing to accelerate and facilitate your healing skills on all levels.
  5. Integrate Karuna Master Healer Level with traditional Usui Reiki for smoother deepened subtle energy healing for yourself and others.

What does Karuna Master Healer Level healing feel like? It feels like a deeply penetrating gentle energy "bath". You will be attuned to use seventeen  symbols of Karuna Master Healer Level healing. These symbols work together synergistically in a special Karuna energy field. Reiki University offers frequent lecture/demonstrations in Karuna Master Healer Level, so that you can experience a special Healing Attunement and/or powerful +Plus Point of Focus© Piping Sound Healing.

Karuna Master Healer Level flows through the dynamic independent healing/teaching lineage of Reiki University®. Upon receipt of your Karuna Master Healer Level certificate, you will be empowered to teach others independently, to grant certificates to your students as you are guided and choose to do so, and to use your increased healing skills according to your unique gifts, abilities and understanding of spiritual energy healing.

Reiki University® honors your sacred right to privacy and the privacy of your students. We do not register, collect, distribute or solicit mailing lists from our students or Master healers as a pre-condition for receiving or transmitting Karuna Master Healer Level empowerment.

Reiki University® is here to honor and support your healing and teaching skills. We do not seek to impose control or limit the flow, development (or spread) of spiritual healing energy empowerment. Our prime directive is to facilitate personal balance, spiritual growth, and the independent development of subtle energy healers and healing.

To Register, fill out the Karuna Master Healer Level Registration Form
or call Reiki University toll free: 1-877-HealNet

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