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The Intuitive Healer--Accessing Your Inner Physician (a book review)
by Ellen Louise Kahne,

   In a vivid dream, you see doctor telling you that you have cancer, but you don't believe him. In fact, you call him a quack for trying to put such ideas into your head. Months later, you notice a red bump on your nose and go to a doctor who takes a biopsy. He insists you "prepare yourself" for immediate cancer treatment. Remembering your dream, you go for a second opinion only to find out that the first doctor's suspicions are false! This is exactly what happened to Marcia Emery, psychologist, professor, intuitive educator, director of education for the Intuition Network, and a physician's daughter.

   Dr. Emery long ago learned to trust the inner voice she calls your "inner physician" and to tune out the distracting "cocktail party," the voices of our societal programming and conditioning. Marcia Emery's book is an intuitive "how to" manual to attune us to our authentic inner voice so that we can recognize and traverse the route to health and vitality, our own "road to Wellville." The Intuitive Healer is a comprehensive resource manual which synthesizes and combines many traditions of healing, explaining them in a clear and practical, useful way.

   A pioneer in intuitive training, Dr. Emery spells out her "mindshift" method to create and maintain health. She explores the underlying causes of dis-ease and dis-comfort. Her approach is simple and easy to follow. For example, when your back goes out of alignment, Dr. Emery suggests that you begin to explore this by asking yourself, "what facet of support is out of alignment in my life and what can I do to take responsibility for my own healing?"

   Step by step, you learn to let go of mental tension, using positive affirmations and focusing words, images, word association, soothing music, breathing techniques, even awakening your intuition by taking a sensory, imaged mental vacation to a place of peace and healing. In this way, the impediments are cleared away that interfere with clear insight and the highway to "Wellville" is opened for travel and accurate perception.

   According to Marcia Emery, there are keys to interpreting the imagery which you see and receive during meditation and in dreams. It is through dreams and symbolic imagery, even daydreaming, that we all tap into the intuitive knowledge of the universe and the wisdom which we each carry within for our own healing. Just recalling your daydreams during third grade math class and remembering your teacher's reactions to your reveries, will convince you that all of your childhood educational programming was designed to root out your natural ability to let go and tune in to your true inner voice. When you learn to intentionally meditate and shift your mind into intuitive high gear, authentic information from your intuitive self accurately unfolds.

   Dr. Emery reports the example of Dr. Jean Slane who nodded off during a meditation and received vital health information about one of her pregnant patients. She dreamed that the expectant mother could no longer write from left to right, she reversed everything. In her dream, a dream therapist told Dr. Slane that it would be dangerous for her patient to write forward. Keying in to this information, the doctor realized that the dream related to a breech birth. She had planned to turn the baby for a normal delivery, but discussed this first with her patient and opted for a breech delivery, which turned out to be the right medical decision. Amazingly, It so happened that the baby's great grandfather had the same dream as Dr. Slane.

   Marcia Emery is well versed in the healing power of the human mind and many healing arts, including using intentional touch for healing. She includes exercises and space for journaling your results, so you can test and improve your accuracy as you learn to flex your intuitive muscles.

   Not all illness is curable, sometimes the inner physician (or higher consciousness) chooses the lesson of a fatal illness. This doesn't mean that illness is our fault, but it may carry an important lesson for us and for our families and, often, an opportunity for growth. Healing can take place on many levels, even if physical healing is not possible. Often, relationships and issues can be healed through coming to terms with illness.

   Your inner physician invites you to de-stress, forgive, center yourself in prayer and/or positive affirmation and become an inner "Peace Worker." It's almost like hearing a kindly aunt say "take your shoes off, put your feet up, make yourself at home--in your own body, mind and spirit." Take The Intuitive Healer to the waiting room for your next medical check up and and mindshift into conscious daydreaming, you may get a priceless second opinion.

   Read more about Dr. Marcia Emery at her website,

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© Reiki Peace Network. All rights reserved. This article, by Ellen Louise Kahne, first appeared in New Living, August, 1999. Kahne is a certified Reiki Master, founder of the Reiki Peace Network and Reiki University.