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      The Online Publication of the Reiki University Reiki vs. Gov't Regulation
by Ellen Louise Kahne, Reiki Master

    In Texas, a state legislative bill has been proposed by Rep. Danburg to regulate Reiki. One of the provisions of the bill concerns Reiki Touch and the Reiki Alliance, and seeks to advise and control the training and licensing of Reiki in Texas. In effect, this bill would make members of these two organizations the exclusive providers of Reiki in Texas.

    The Reiki Alliance has a statement of purpose which requires the payment of $10,000 (US) for teaching each Reiki Master. The Reiki Touch organization is reputed to charge a similar fee structure for Reiki Master level training. Reiki Masters who are not members of the Reiki Alliance or the Reiki Touch organizations and who charge varying tuition and whose teaching methodologies vary are organizing to fight against the proposed Texas legislation. It must be noted that although the Reiki Alliance is mentioned in the Texas legislation, Phyllis Furamoto, a founder of the Reiki Alliance, has disavowed any connection to or support of the Texas Reiki bill.

    At stake here is who has the right to teach, practice and advertise Reiki. Reiki is recognized as a spiritual discipline and practice that is open and available to people of all backgrounds and cultures. This is a First Amendment constitutional issue, and concerns monopoly in restraint of trade, regarding pressures to limit or exclude Reiki practitioners and teachers by segments of the Reiki community and by the national massage school lobby (Joint Council) through licensing and government regulation.

    Reiki is laying on of hands spiritual healing that is taught and transmitted through a 19th century Japanese lineage and perspective. Many Reiki-trained clergy and lay charismatic healers of all faiths use laying on of hands for healing services in their ministries.
    The regulation of Reiki made front page news recently because the New York Massage Board decided by a vote of 6 to 1 that Reiki is not massage and, therefore, not subject to regulation as such. This came as a result of the concerted efforts of the Reiki spiritual community, clergy, and other non-massage therapists who have been for years to detach non-massage modalities from professional massage licensing requirements in New York State.

    A Nevada Reiki Master who wanted to open a center for Reiki, Tai Chi, and yoga has related that in her state, Reiki is regulated by an "energy board" that requires practitioners to be free of substance abuse. In Nevada, Reiki laying on of hands spiritual touch healing is illegal unless the Reiki Master or practitioner is also a licensed massage therapist; otherwise, Reiki must be done as distant healing above the body of a patient.

    Reiki Healer, Heal Thyself!
    With so many factions tearing at the fabric of the Reiki community, the Reiki Peace Network has issued a call for self-examination and healing of the wounds in the Reiki healing community, which is also a call to action in opposition of those who seek to limit or regulate Reiki empowerment, Reiki laying on of hands spiritual healing, or the dissemination of information about Reiki.

    As the millennium approaches, it is time that the Reiki healing community become unified in spiritual service to humanity and to the earth which sustains us all.

    Reiki is about accessing Divine energy; it will always uplift society. If one brings Reiki to a conscious level through prayer of intent, one touches with Power, no matter how great the distance. And Reiki is always spiritual in nature.

    What we are saying to our brothers and sisters in Texas, Nevada, and elsewhere is to stand up and be counted to keep the right to spiritual healing in the hands of everyone.

    Reiki is God's healing energy which was sent in an enlightenment through a humble but determined Buddhist monk. In his era Dr. Usui, who recovered the lost ancient art of Reiki spiritual healing, was concerned that Reiki not disappear again. We are properly concerned with the dissemination of this precious healing gift of Grace for every person who wants to learn it, for all who need and want laying on of hands spiritual healing in our era.

    Those who are trained in Reiki know that it unifies all cultures and works without regard to time and distance. It is beyond the control of any who would seek to limit it. Reiki is guided by Divine intelligence and connected to us through universal law.

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Copyright Ellen Louise Kahne