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      The Online Publication of the Reiki University

Reiki Energy Healing In Hawaii
by Ellen Louise Kahne, Reiki Master

In Maui, the special Lemurian healing energies which percolate up through the soil feel like the last little piece of Eden left on the planet. Perhaps, this is the reason why Conde Naste Traveler’s readership rated Maui the most popular travel destination in the world. Palm trees and beautiful sand beaches predominate on the coastline, just as in the Caribbean and other beautiful islands, but in Maui, the energy of balance and tranquility is so very present that the stresses of life melt away and lovers old and new come into synchronicity in a unique, nonverbal way.

This is a power spot for healing and renewal, much like Sedona, Stonehenge, and the Pyramids. All subtle energy healers must make a point of visiting the healing places of Maui. 

People who are “burnt out” by stressful lives come from all over the world to take an “energy bath” in ancient balancing energies on the tip of the sunken continent of Lemuria, in Maui. As the weight of the world lifts, the rhythm of the sea and the vibrancy of Haleakala volcano, the “house of the sun” can be felt as a physical and Spiritual presence beneath your feet, through the exquisite flowers (brilliant hued, some the size of dinner plates) and in the refreshing tropical Pacific air.

You wake to the sound of the surf outside your lanai (terrace) at sunrise, inhale the perfume of ripe mangos and take an early morning stroll along the sugar sand beaches in Kihei, noticing people walking singly and in pairs toward you. Clearly, there is a difference here, they walk in union with unseen energies, their energy fields (auras) are enhanced and expanded and shine vibrantly, in renewed health and wholeness, regardless of age or circumstance. The incidence of discord or disharmony is so rare that it is startling to see a person out of balance or someone who raises his/her voice in argument.

Faces which meet you along the beach are as open, relaxed, and happy as lifelong meditators, tai chi practitioners, or people who are living exactly in the moment, not hurrying time (or watering resentments from the past). Spines are fluid in motion, not stiff or bent, not pushing the experience of the early morning, just savoring it.

You come to realize that the entire island of Maui is an energy sanitarium for burnt out people! Residents of the island walk in the same energies and share the special energy “face lift” of visitors.

On Maui’s other edge, you discover untouched tropical rain forests, rushing waters, black volcanic sand and the seven the sacred pools of Hana. The 35 mile journey across fifty bridges to Hana slows your pace and prepares you for the sacred site, where the seven pools are fed by pristine waterfalls spilling down to the crashing surf. 

There is legendary healing power here, power recognized by the Hawaiian shamans, the Kahunas, who still exist today in a sacred lineage. One very special reason for this is attributed to the "mana" (dynamic healing powers) contained in the sacred bones of ancestral Hawaiian kings buried long ago on the "valley isle" (Maui). All subtle energy healers and students of energy healing must make a special point of visiting Maui, as it is one of the most powerful healing places on earth.

Hawaii is the birthplace of Reiki in the western world. Hundreds of thousands of subtle energy workers trace their lineage to a Japanese American Reiki Master named Hawayo Takata who was born at the turn of this century in the Hawaii.

Hawayo Takata journeyed to Japan in the 1930s, received Reiki healing treatments for several serious ailments. We are told she received a complete healing of all of her conditions. Then, she prevailed upon Reiki Master Chujiro Hayashi to teach her the recovered secrets of this 19th century Japanese laying on of hands Spiritual energy healing technique. 

Until Mrs. Takata brought Reiki and her teacher, Dr. Hayashi, to the Hawaiian islands Reiki was virtually unknown outside of Japan.

Reiki is a self empowering energy healing technique which is quickly and easily learned and can be used every day to achieve balance and relieve stress. Once Reiki is learned, the capacity to pass healing energy through the hands is permanently opened. Master levels are all about utilizing higher the vibrations of Reiki energies and empowering others to use Reiki.

It was on the special island of Maui, that I first took Reiki Master level attunements (energy healing empowerments) and training in two types of Reiki Master subtle energy healing. Special sound healing techniques and unique karmic healing symbols will be utilized in our August workshops.

The pathway of this experience is due to come full circle again this August July (20-22, and 27-29), when all who can hear the sacred call of Lemurian healing energies will join in for two enhanced Reiki Master levels to the sound of the Kihei surf, and for the very first time, Reiki (levels I and II) will be taught on July 14-15, in the very special energies of Maui.

After your workshop(s), you will want to mail your keys home and never come back!

Reiki Master Ellen Louise Kahne, is the founder of the Reiki Peace Network« and Reiki University« which offers certified workshops for all levels of Reiki.
For Registration/information:1-877-HealNet, email:

ęcopyright Ellen Louise Kahne, all rights reserved.

Hawaiian Reiki Healing Energies 2001

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