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Reiki-Opening The Door To Intuition And Creativity
by Ellen Louise Kahne,
Certified Reiki Master/teacher, president of Reiki University® and Reiki Peace Network®, and Karuna V +Plus Point of Focus© Master. She is a poet, writer and marathon race walker living, teaching and practicing in New York City

Picture a 79 year old, legally blind woman sitting down to dinner, at senior citizen camp. Holding her hands a few inches above her plate, the woman detects a painful sensation through her palms. She separates the food on her plate and holds her hands over each item. Above her baked potato, the painful sensation returns. The woman gives the potato to a neighbor, who cuts it open to find a rotten center inside an otherwise unblemished vegetable.

This actually occurred several years ago to Rose Kalich, who had received Reiki training a few weeks before the incident. Rose is amongst the many thousands of people in countries around the world who have learned Reiki.

Reiki is a hands-on-healing art recovered in the nineteenth century by a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui. Through the accessing of spiritually guided life-force energy (the Intelligent, G-d directed power of the Universe), Reiki creates balance, healing, and harmony in oneself and/or other person(s). Also, it can be sent at a distance to a person, place or a situation, for increasing vibrational energy levels (i. e. restoration of order). Reiki is taught to people of all faiths and belief systems and is open to all who desire to learn it.

Reiki training opens subtle energy centers (chakras) and clears blockages, so that energy can pass through one's hands. A student's natural abilities for healing are enhanced, and innate capacities for creativity are frequently brought to a conscious level. One is empowered to use Reiki quickly and permanently, during a weekend workshop.

Often, a person experiences heightened psychic abilities, during or after taking Reiki classes. It is common for a Reiki practitioner to "track" a client's energy pattern in his/her own body, while giving a Reiki treatment.

Using distance healing, I have "tracked" pain in the toes of a young man who was in need of new shoes, as I sent Reiki distant healing to him for a bad cold. I remarked to his mother that his shoes were tight on three toes of the right foot (identified the correct toes) as confirmed by the boy.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or treat illness (unless they are medically licensed), yet I have detected changes in the auric field, during distance healing, which led me to recommend medical attention to a person who developed throat cancer exactly one year after I "saw" a black wedge in his aura, at that precise location. Please note, Reiki will accomplish healing, even when a practitioner doesn't "read" or track energy.

Daily use of Reiki/meditation has opened creative wellsprings for me, enriched and deepened G-d given talents and freed me from writer's block. Since the age of eight, I have written poetry, short stories and articles, but never with the fluidity which I enjoy presently.

Reiki is a golden key given to us by G-d to unlock the door to healing, seeing, and knowing beyond the limits of the individual mind. Reiki connects us one to another and spirit to Spirit with compassion and love in the light of Peace.

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