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Minnesota Bill
Healer Fears Regulatory "Hell"

Attention New Yorkers who may be considering the ramifications of proposed NY State bills A8704 and S 4857:

    The following email was sent to me by a Minnesota Reiki Master named Rev. Ariana Solana who has given permission for this email to be posted.  Rev. Solana lives in a state which regulates Reiki and other licensed medical and unlicensed self empowerment and non massage modalities under a law which came into effect in July, 2001. 

    According to Rev. Solana (see below), one Minnesota naturopathic physician was subjected to a 'witch hunt' sting operation in Minnesota prior to the passage of the bill.  Other alternative practitioners in the state are waiting for the potential regulatory "axe" to drop, in the aftermath of Minnesota law which has been passed containing punitive measures for unlicensed healers.

Ellen Louise Kahne, Reiki Master
founder, Reiki Peace Network and Reiki University
NY State Healer's Empowerment Coalition
1-877-HealNet or 1-877-432-5638

(please note:  italics and underlining were added to the following email to highlight points--Rev. Solana's wording has not been altered or edited)

<< Hello,

    Your notice about Reiki Regulation in the State of New York was forwarded to me.  In checking your website, I notice that no mention is made of the law which was passed in Minnesota in 2000 which took effect as of July 1, 2001.  This law is The Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom of Access Act. It is in Minnesota Session Laws - 2000. Chapter 460-H.F.No. 3839. 

    This law covers all people doing energy work including Reiki, nutritional counseling, Naturopathic physicians, Homeopathic Practitioners, Herbalists, etc.  It requires us to provide a Client Bill of Rights.  It makes us mandatory reporters for suspected abuse including if a parent should decide not to do extraordinary care for a child with a "terminal illness" such as cancer.  It also requires us to refer people to medical doctors if we feel that is appropriate.  This is in direct opposition to other laws which exist that we "cannot practice medicine without a license."  In Minnesota, if I tell you to put on a jacket so you won't catch cold, I am practicing medicine without a license. 

    In fact, a few years ago, Helen Healey, a Naturopathic Doctor, was the victim of a sting operation by the Minnesota Attorney General's office and had her practice shut down for a period of time, because she did tell the people they had sent to seek Allopathic (Conventional Care).

    Under this law, we can be sued for an amount up to $10,000.  We are required to keep records of what we do with each patient.  It does not require to have malpractice insurance, but this law does have a potential to be punitive for those of us working out of our homes.

    Even those of us who are volunteer Providers at Pathways, A Health Crisis Resource Center for People with life threatening illness, must provide a client bill of rights.  ( )

    Unfortunately, the pros are that we have some legal recognition. The cons are who may be wrongfully hurt in the process.  I have not yet heard of any test cases re mandatory reporting, or practicing medicine without a license, but it's probably just a matter of time.

    Please be aware, it's not just Reiki that is on the line.  And yes, when this law went into effect, the State Office had not yet been created, but in the Bill of Rights, we needed to provide the information as to who to contact for people to file a claim!


Rev. Ariana Solana
Reiki Master
Certified Holistic Therapist
(College of St. Catherine's, Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Energy Practitioner>>