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Mirta’s Miracle -
A Journey of Undying Courage, Near Death and A Mother's Love

by Ellen Louise Kahne


August 9, 1996 is a date forever encircled in golden memory on my healer’s calendar. It was Mirta’s first day of her Reiki Master level workshop.  After class, she related privately the miracle of her survival, her spiritual journey and her deep need to forgive one closest to her. Throughout that night and the next day of class, I prayed for guidance to heal and teach this extraordinary woman with care, love and perception. I sent Reiki distant healing to the past to heal the cause of pain within her.

As I invoked the Master level attunement which gave Mirta the empowerment to teach Reiki and the perspective to forgive her father and heal the past, I prayed for all personal ego to dissolve, for the strength to serve as a pure conduit and emissary of universal (unconditional) love and G-d’s peace.  All prayers were answered as specific frequencies of spiritual light flowed from Universal field through our linked energy systems.  Reiki poured like pure water through a transparent straw for her complete healing.  Mirta perceived the energies as “Mother Mary,” and a beautiful golden angel of light.  As she was bathed in spiritual healing energies, Mirta was able (finally) to forgive her father and make peace with the tumultuous events which had shaped her destiny.

Reiki is laying on of hands (spiritual) healing which originated in nineteenth century Japan and is a virtual “time machine” to send distant healing to any issue or area in a person or for a situation.  Reiki is easily learned and quickly transmitted through an attunement process.  Spiritual initiations (Reiki attunements) are guided by the same energy which keeps us in life and empowers us--the energy of Creation or Higher Power.  Reiki healing has been open and available to people of all faiths, backgrounds and cultures, since it was brought to the west (Hawaii) in the 1930s.

Mirta was a survivor of Argentina’s “Dirty Wars.” During this tragic period of Argentine history (1976-1983), over 30,000 people were arrested, accused, tortured, and secretly exterminated (“disappeared”) as political dissidents without trial.  She survived persecution miraculously.  After drifting in and out of coma for over a year, it took many years for Mirta to completely reclaim her spirit from the traumatic events which she witnessed and from immersion in that dark time.

Years later, Mirta was married briefly and gave birth to a beautiful son, Alexander, who became the light of her extraordinary life.  She moved to the U.S., and took sole responsibility for her personal healing and raising her beloved son. In time, Mirta studied many alternative healing arts and became an interfaith minister.

Mirta delighted in Alex's accomplishments and was looking forward to his return from college in April of 1998, when he was critically injured in an automobile accident.  Afterwards, only the thinnest thread of life and his mother’s love and deep faith sustained him in his struggle to survive.  Doctors told Mirta that Alex was near death or he would be severely brain damaged, if he survived.  He was deep in coma for months.

Reiki Peace Network’s worldwide voluntary healing circle was immediately engaged to pray and send distant healing to Alexander.  Healers sent hours of focused distant healing over the next days, weeks and months, for Alex’s recovery.  Mirta remarked, “all prayers and the like, as angels of G-d on earth...all truly wishing to intercede, asking for a miracle to take place--all works of love reach those who work in the light, for the light.  All those prayers get to G-d and are answered.”

Months after the accident, 40 pounds lighter, paralyzed and tethered to tubes as his oxygen levels remained well below normal, having lost sensory perception, Alex was still alive.  A Catholic priest asked permission to pray and to anoint Alex, as a social worker embraced Mirta and told her "it is time to let go."  In coma, Alex raised a finger moving it to the left and right, indicating "no."

Mirta was reminded, "Miracles happen all the way, God doesn't do miracles half way, believe, and it will happen, ask and it shall be given to you".  As a nurse entered Alex's room with a wheel chair, Mirta told Alex “if you want to walk, we will get rid of the wheel chair, if you agree, press my finger.” Alex strained for hours to press against Mirta’s hand, until he succeeded.  Mirta removed the wheel chair and asked the nurses not to bring it back.  For days, she repeated to Alex “if you want to walk, try...feel your body and move. I am here, use my hand (for support).”  Mirta held a sacred space for Alex’s healing, without telling him what the doctors had insisted he could never do.

Mirta related “above all, Alex is the hero of his own life. He WANTED to live (and) as his soul asked, his body received. He is aware that he was given a second chance and honors every minute of his life!”

After five difficult years of recovery, Alexander enjoys a vigorous, happy life.  He has a 3.7 cumulative grade average and will soon graduate from college.  He is a healer (a “light worker”), and has been ordained.  Alex has served as an emergency worker in areas of Latin America devastated by natural disasters and he is (almost) engaged to be married.

Mirta and Alex have endured and survived enormous trials of body, mind and spirit, near death experiences, which most of us could never imagine in the context of our lives.  Mirta’s path of forgiveness shines as a golden message of hope to all who are stuck in old patterns of bitterness, fear and betrayal.  True healing can be forged from the darkest hours of our lives, by personal choice, by recognition of all that is holy within and around us--by trusting in that which is Eternal--by letting go of all else that holds us back.

Ellen Louise Kahne is the founder of Reiki University™ and Reiki Peace Network® and the New York State Healer’s Empowerment Coalition.  This article first appeared in To Your Health Magazine, April/May, 2003 issue.  For more information on Reiki healing, see
email: or phone: 1-877-HealNet (877-432-5638)

© Ellen Louise Kahne