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Poetry of Healing and Renweal
      Reiki Magazine, The Online Publication of the Reiki University

The Gatekeeper

At midnight--
I slip the banks of Time
Overflowing my fingers
Through dimensions yet unnamed

Light Streams
Through my open hands
--my outstretched heart

Into the Sacred space
between a heartbeat
and your indrawn breath

I hold the gate ajar
--for an instant--
While the Almighty rushes past
bearing the complete anodyne
to your suffering Spirit...

Buddha Amida appears
In the mudra of perfect contemplation
(and) without disrupting his exquisite Symmetry
Enfolds you in a Circle
of consummate Peace...

Shiva, manifesting a terrible blue face
and undulating golden arms,
Dances your Destruction and Creation,
Yet again...

Jesus, seeing your pain,
lowers his staff compassionately
to Sanctify you with a Touch...

A Torah scribed in Holy Light
illuminates your Spirit
(in an instant) for Eternity...

You sweat your threnody
in the womb of Mother Earth
Until an Eagle lifts your burden
through the Third Eye--
Between the drumbeats....

I hold the gate ajar
not knowing
which face of the Divine
You have invited
to Communion
at your table...

At midnight
When my hands Touch Your Spirit
G-d rushes through Us
--A whisper of H-s Healing Light

© 1993 Ellen Louise Kahne

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© Reiki Peace Network. All rights reserved.