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Poetry of Healing and Renweal
      Reiki Magazine, The Online Publication of the Reiki University

A Pilgrim's Progress

I set the stone in my own Path
To block the Progress of my Spirit

Kicking furiously, at this Monolith
---Sometimes in anger
or Remorse
In Supplication
or avoidance
Only served to carve an Epitaph
in the resolved impediment
to my journey

The monument read:
"Bring all your Gifts here
as burnt offerings
Where Courage fails"

In despair, the fallen Caryatid
slumps in the road
Staring at the Gifts
she dares not burn
(because they come from G-d)

She does not know the Incantation
To stir into her own
Primordial Soup
To banish Subluxations
of the Soul
But, if a prayer wheel
can turn the whole world
The Hope remains Transcendent

That nothing set
to block my Path
cannot be removed
by the same hand
which put it there...

© 1992 Ellen Louise Kahne

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