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Poetry of Healing and Renweal
      Reiki Magazine, The Online Publication of the Reiki University

The Divine Plan (Is Right On Schedule)

Who has walked these Stones
Knows the Great Spiral
begins and ends in the Heart Chamber...

Roof and Floor
heaving outward
to Eclipse the edges of Sky
and line our dusty footprints
--a Protean Protection and a comfort
swaddling my own Path
even as I struggle to emerge
from its confinement

Around the next curve
a memory perfumes the corridor
recalling G-d's frequent passage
Here, I find
Lost Innocence
a Deed of Mercy
thrust into my immediate hands,
The fragile amethyst
of human Spirit
from a sordid chamber pot,

----a shifting sinecure
(to which I cast
an Ephemeral Umbillicus)
cannot be moored
as Permanence
In this Place...

For Travelers in constant mutability
No delay is ever countenanced
(but for this moment only)

The roof always almost opens
to the Sky
As boundary edges
one step beyond my footfall...

On staves of the Torah scroll
the Path is turned for me
and I must walk
beneath the Pointer
(and Endure)---
(as though I am)

----A Holy Word----

In the Heart Chamber,
by the Author of the Sacred Text

© 1995 Ellen Louise Kahne

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