Poetry of Healing and Renweal
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Unconditional Love Defined

Holocaust Psalm

The Still Cathedral

The Gatekeeper

Peeling the Onion

A Pilgrim's Progress

An Emerald Bell Tools

Racewalk Meditation

The Divine Plan
(Is Right On Schedule)

A Whisper of His Word

A Leaf Touches Me

This Golden Moment

Bread Psalm


    Ellen Louise Kahne is a writer and a performance poet. She has been writing poetry since earliest childhood. Poetry, spoken meditation, and breath relaxation techniques are integrated into the teaching of all of her Reiki workshops. Many students have received healing and insight through Ellen's "Healer's Poetry." The following poetry is from her copyrighted work and is presented in the hope that each of you will be inspired to travel a creative Spiritual pathway of personal Peace and healing.

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