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      The Online Publication of the Reiki University

Universal Healing Energies-Quantum Ties That Bind
by Ellen Louise Kahne,

    Several thousand heart Patients receiving cardiac intensive care in a San Diego teaching hospital are divided into two groups, one is prayed for by people who have never met them. The other group receives no particular special (non medical) attention. The doctors,unaware of which group is being prayed for in this double blind study, detect an unexpected increase in survival, and a decrease in heart complications in a number of these patients. These are the patients who have been prayed for by thousands of strangers. This experiment, reported by Dr. Larry Dossey, indicated a distant healing connection and the presence of an energy field linking us to each other through Spiritual healing energy which produced these dramatic results.

    Subtle energy workers, Reiki Masters and Qui Gong practitioners send very focused healing energies over great distances. Often, Reiki practitioners and Masters can detect discrepancies in a person's energy field during distant healing sessions, even when the person is a total stranger.

    How does this work? We are all made of energy, frequencies of light waves, which we observe as solid "matter", but this is not the whole story. Molecules, atoms and atomic particles have a lot of space between them, they are not as solid as we might think. Einstein gave us the equation E=MC2. This means that when we look at atomic particles closely, they can behave like energy waves as easily as matter.

    These energy waves can feel like heat, cold, tingling, vibrations, electricity or appear as colors of light which are emitted from the aura (energy field) and hands of a healer who is transmitting "ki" or "chi" energy or they can be projected by a Master martial artist to throw an opponent without ever touching him. The constantly changing waves of energy in an auric field (aura) can be captured in special Kirlian photographs, which are made by passing electricity through a photographic plate at the time an energy field picture is taken. Recently, sophisticated computer programs have been developed to display the dynamic auric field on screen.

    Auras have been observed in plants and animals, too. Even when a leaf is cut in half, the cut leaf exhibits the aura or energy pattern of the whole leaf on kirlian photographs.

    We are all connected in an energy field, a creative vacuum which transmits waves of energy/matter through a space-time continuum. Energy can pass through the continuum instantaneously, move backward or forward in time with the speed of thought, that is to say instantaneously.

    Have you ever thought or dreamed of someone you may not have spoken to in a long time, who has called you immediately afterward? Experiments in intuition and psychic research have shown that people can remote view, send ideas, images, and healing energies without regard to distance or time (into the past or future).

    One way to dynamically alter energy/matter is by our intent. Our thoughts are very powerful. We can reach out to effect changes in energy systems anywhere in the Universe at any time. Positive thoughts and language expressions influence the production of hormones and neurotransmitters in our bodies, negative thinking and expressions destroy helpful molecules to create depression, disease and toxic conditions. Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) researchers have linked thinking and language patterns directly to our health.

    Our energy systems behave just like a hologram for healing. If you take a holographic picture of an apple (by shining two laser beams of focused light through a photographic plate), you will be able to project a perfect three dimensional hologram of the apple. If you smash the photographic plate into thousands of tiny pieces, and shine two lasers through any of these pieces, you will produce a smaller projected image of the whole apple. The energy interference pattern in the smallest piece contains all of the information in the whole plate.

    The metaphor of the holographic image has been used by scientists (in Dr. Richard Gerber's excellent book Vibrational Medicine) to explain how we tap into vast reserves of Universal knowledge, information, creativity and subtle healing energies.

    What we say, do and think, and even our prayers influence the entire picture, as we connect the Universal energy threads of the entire holograph through our thoughts, words and deeds.

    Reiki Master Ellen Louise Kahne, as President and founder of The Reiki Peace Network(TM) and Reiki University(TM) Ellen teaches workshops in all levels of Reiki hands-on and distant healing. Call (toll free): 877-HealNet, email:

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