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Ageless Rose Kalich
Senior Healer, Reiki Master

by Ellen Louise Kahne,

Rose Kalich is an inspiration to her contemporaries, family and friends of all ages, as a vigorous example of positive, meaningful living. Rose is a Reiki Master in two different types of Reiki, a 19th century Japanese laying on of hands Spiritual healing art which she uses for her benefit and to help her friends, family and associates. Rose's life is is a gift of grace to all who know and love her.

Q: Rose, you just had a big birthday on June 2. How do you feel at 85?

A: The same way I felt at 84. So far, I haven't seen the difference. It's just a wonderful age to be at. At 79, I felt that life was just beginning for me because of the insights which I was beginning to acquire.

Q: What insights were those?

A: Getting into yourself, empowering yourself without feeling that you have to cater to people. Without having to say "yes" all the time to agree with people but at the same time hurting yourself because you submerge your own feelings. I feel freer, I don't hurt anyone's feelings, but my attitude is different because, now I keep my self esteem.

Q: And this wasn't always so?

A: Not during my early years or my 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. This is because of my background. Looking back, I think I always agreed with people just to be in their good favor. Now, I don't need their approval.

Q: So, you came into yourself at 79?

A: Right!

Q: That gives courage to younger people who haven't yet come into their own. What do you advise people to do regarding their self esteem?

A: To think of all their good qualities and to become aware of them.

Q: Rose, you are legally blind and you live independently, do you have any words of wisdom to people in similar circumstances?

A: Yes, not to be afraid. Fear is the enemy of happiness. Happiness comes from within.

Q: And you communicate this to your contemporaries?

A: Yes, in conversation when people are down or hurting. I tell people that if they think of the pain as not being there, it will lessen. If the person is open to understanding that the body is controlled by the mind, the whole attitude can change and has in some of my contemporaries over a period of time.

Q: You're a very active senior, what are some of your activities?

A: As president of Business and Professional O.R.T., and as a member of this (charitable) organization prior to my presidency, I've led my contemporaries for over fifty years in good works, for helping and training youngsters to be educated, employable and independent. Right now, I take and give classes at the University Without Walls, part of Dorot. I'm on the agency wide senior advisory committee and the student advisory council. I facilitate a class for visually impaired people called "Insight" and a class called "Recount Your Blessings."

Q: What about your interest in health and alternative healing?

A: I've been interested in this area for over 25 years, I'm a vegetarian on an organic diet,I take vitamin supplements which are good for me, consulting with all my medical doctors, who are all kind and caring.

Q: And your other passions?

A: I have a personal trainer with whom I take a class at Dorot. I have a holistic nurse who does Amma massage on me. I walk, use a stationary bike, and I do exercises at home.

Q: You're a Reiki Master twice over in two types of Reiki, which you began studying as a senior citizen. Tell us about it.

A: At 79, part of my insight into my own personal life was my introduction to Reiki. I fell in love with this hands on healing art, when I realized the value of being able to put my hands on myself to relieve stress and I realized that I could help others with it.

Q: And, do your contemporaries appreciate the Reiki healing art which you practice?

A: Some do and some are very skeptical. To the skeptical ones, I offer to put my hands on their shoulders and soon a smile usually appears on the person's face and they say to me "I feel better."

Q: And you do Reiki on your doctors?

A: All my doctors know that I'm Reiki trained and they are all in favor of my using it freely. Some of them ask for it and I have done Reiki on them.

Q: Are your doctors surprised at your wonderful condition?

A: Yes, they attribute my health to my possessiveness and my attitude, because all healing comes from within. They support what I am doing for myself.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the future?

A: I'm looking forward to helping others, because by helping others, I help myself. If romance is in the future, I'm looking forward to that. When a person is ready the experience appears!

Q: Have you any closing words of wisdom for those of us who want to get to 85 elegantly?

A: Yes, have never ending enthusiasm for good living, happy living and healthful living. Keep a good positive attitude at all times, even though it may be difficult sometimes. Be loving and show gratitude with a hug for receiving help.

Q: You have friends of all ages, cultures, races and backgrounds. Tell us about how you've managed to acquire such a diverse group of fans.

A: Many have come from being volunteers as my readers, as neighbors, through my travels meeting young people, at health spas and from mixing and mingling at singles dances and at my running and walking club and my groups, including at my Gary Null's "reverse the aging process" group. People feel the love that comes from my heart and they respond.

This article appeared in To Your Health Magazine, July, 1999, (its maiden issue as a bound book)

1999 Ellen Louise Kahne

Reiki Master Ellen Louise Kahne, founder of the Reiki Peace Network(TM) and Reiki University(TM), holds workshops on all levels of Reiki hands-on and distant healing. Call Ellen at: 718-441-2132, email:

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