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      The Online Publication of the Reiki University

Synergy - The Gifts of Peace and Healing
by Ellen Louise Kahne, Reiki Master

    Synergy means working together, as the organs of the body work together to heal us and keep us alive. As we are freed from blocks, free flowing life force energy, "ki" or "chi" restores, balances and heals each one of us from within. Healing tools of inner peacemaking and conflict resolution are available to all of us, the skills to actualize them are used and taught by skilled healers working synergistically for peace through personal empowerment.

    Reiki Universityô and New Living Magazineô, will present a day of shared healing and personal transformation on Saturday, December 11, at the La Guardia Crowne Plaza Hotel. "A gift of healing for the next thousand years" is the theme of Healer's Symposium 2000 - Gala Millennium Tune-Up. For the very first time, an amazing gathering of leading lights in holistic, alternative, allopathic and non traditional healing, will integrate Reiki, chi gong and other forms of subtle energy healing, including meditation, chakra balancing and sound healing with allopathic and alternative care for all of us and for our animal friends.

    You will have the opportunity to hear and experience many of the healing arts which are represented by our empowering speakers, including Reiki, massage, chi gong, meditation and sound healing.

    Some of our gifted healers and teachers (including Kathy Davis, Dolores Perri and Diane Goldner) may be well known to you, as journalists, authors and/or radio personalities. Other speakers (Dr. John Devon, Dr. Louis Vella, Dr. Steven Kasonovsky, Marcia Fishkin, Joan Murray, JoAnn Mehnert, for instance) have quietly engaged in the practice and teaching of alternative and allopathic healing modalities over many years.

    As a special treat, Judith Lightfeather will be bringing her unique perspective and healing wisdom from Houston, Texas. Judith is an author, educator and a gifted artist. She is a native American healer who is versed in the ancient pathways of Mayan healing which she combines with Reiki.

    Several of our speakers have a personal perspective on serious illness, since they have walked this journey or have shared intimately with those who have been seriously or terminally ill or they have been very ill themselves. Their personal stories, triumphs of the spirit in healing, will inspire and enlighten you.

    Devon John, a transplant surgeon at New York's NYU Hospital, treats some of the sickest patients in the world. These are people whose lives hang by a thread, as they await help and healing through his astounding medical transplant skills and prescient gifts. This extraordinary physician has helped many of his patients to live each day fully, completely and meaningfully.

    Reiki Master JoAnn Mehnert has maximized her healing through personal empowerment in the face of life threatening illness. She has received the healing gift of Reiki marathons, along with chiropractic and allopathic care. Her doctors are amazed at JoAnn's progress and the absence of a host of debilitating side effects which usually accompany the rare blood disorder which JoAnn's M.D.s diagnosed several years ago.

    Marcia Fishkin, a nurse and Reiki Master, is the descendent of a renowned Colombian "granny" healer and herbalist and the mother of a gifted young Reiki practitioner. She uses her intuitive nursing skills to bring healing to breast cancer and oncology patients at New York's Sloane Kettering Hospital.

    Joan Murray has been studying metaphysics and healing most of her life. She practices interdisciplinary Reiki in a very guided, intuitive, non traditional manner. Her energy field (aura healing) work is unique, extremely powerful and centered in the spiritual healing tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui, the nineteenth century Japanese founder of Reiki.

    Network chiropractic combines eastern philosophy, energy and breath work with modern chiropractic methodology. Dr. Louis Vella has practiced this particularly gentle form of chiropractic in Astoria, Queens for many years. "Dr. Lou" who is an athlete, a soccer coach and an expert sports chiropractor, does skilled examinations of each patient's body mechanics using a three dimensional adjustment system. Also, he utilizes nutritional counseling to help his very fortunate patients.

    Dr. Steven Kasanovsky is the director of the Riverside Animal Hospital. He has pioneered holistic animal care in Manhattan's upper west side. Steven, who is beloved by his patients and their owners, uses acupuncture, herbal medicine and Reiki in addition to his traditional veterinary training to help and heal our animal friends.

    These are some of the "hidden treasures" we have wrapped as a holiday gift of healing and renewal for "the next thousand years," just for you. Our speakers combine hundreds of years of cumulative wisdom and experience in intuitive healing.

    The gift of Peace which you give to yourself embodies balance, releases stress, and brings you into present time. Far seeing or intuitive vision (clarity) is often manifested from this still point. The Gala Healer's Symposium is designed to facilitate your healing path on all levels.

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    Ellen Louise Kahne, founder of Reiki University and Reiki Peace Network is a guided, intuitive Reiki Master/healer. She teaches all levels of Reiki using +Plus Point of Focus© techniques and unique sound healing modalities.

    1-877-HealNet or

© Ellen Louise Kahne