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      The Online Publication of the Reiki University

Empower Inner Peace--Touch The Child Within
by Ellen Louise Kahne

As a brand new grandmother, I've wondered how many of us have smiled within at the joyous form of a divine little baby who is contented, peaceful and aware. The tiny infant who (in that moment) sparkles with joy and inner Light attracts our attention because of the baby's innate connection to both creation and Creator. On closer observation, the unaffected little child who breathes freely, moves fearlessly, with limitless grace and innate curiosity swims effortlessly in a current of the unimpeded ocean of Universal life force energy

As we gaze lovingly on the child, so too, we are looking within at a vision at ourselves in the calm and resonant center of being which is close to both Creator and creation. In that instant of selfless heart-centered vision, we are authentically renewed in wholeness, softly listening to the Truth of who and what we are to the blueprint of our perfection (as children of the Divine).

As we grow up and away from that innocent authenticity, most of us ask ourselves--"when and how can I disengage from the churning storms of daily events, the artificial needs, expectations and imbalances (illusions) and storms
of spiritual blindness and grief which have disconnected true inner vision; where is my 'road map' to sacred space within? How do I reclaim and reconnect in health and wholeness--to my empowerment and birthright of inner peace and balance? "

Attunement to Universal life force energy is the key to reconnection to Source--both to our Creator and creation. To receive empowerment is to open to the flow of natural, G-d given energy which heals, renews, sustains and
permanently connects us. A very simple and direct means is through Reiki attunements (initiations). Each level of attunement and the unfolding understanding of that level builds and strengthens the connection to our Universal energy field.

The practice of Reiki is the practice of inner peace. The daily use of Reiki self-healing and allowing Reiki to flow both to and from others reinvigorates, empowers and reconnects the experience of attunement to our point of
origin (Source). The flow of life force energy through us (for ourselves and for others) is the secret to healing, it is the basic energetic understanding (memory) of our divine nature and connection to the Universe. This is why we
de-stress, relax and open for healing in response to the flow of Reiki--because we instantly, lovingly recognize the Truth of who we are and how we are always connected as One.

Give the Gift of Reiki,to yourself, to others--the Gift of Inner Peace.

with Love, Peace, & Healing (from Jessica's grandma),
Ellen Louise Kahne, Reiki Master

Ellen Louise Kahne is the founder of Reiki University™ and Reiki Peace Network® and the New York State Healer’s Empowerment Coalition. This article first appeared in Reiki Magazine Online. If you wish to receive Reiki updates and healer's information, please email your request to: Reiki Magazine Online or phone: 1-877-HealNet (877-432-5638)

© Ellen Louise Kahne