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Just for today, embrace Peace
Just for today, embody Healing
Just for today, let go of all bitterness, anger and fear
Just for today, trust your Creator
Just for today, allow unconditional love to shine through you
as a blessing to all

What Went Right in 2001

    On December 7, while perched in my fragile and precarious American Airlines seat--miraculously suspended in mid air within a miracle of modern technology, aka a passenger jet--between the precious and vibrant cities of New York and Chicago, I pondered the enormity of our life changes and societal changes in the past year. 
    Just over a year ago, on September 19, 2000, I had attended the United Nations Millennium Peace Day Celebrations as the New York liaison of the International Peace Poem Project, and helped to present the worlds longest peace poem to the people of the world with poet Melinda Gohn and a delegation from Maui, Hawaii.  At the time, the “Cloth of Many Colors” was presented to wrap the U.N. in blessings of peace.  Several weeks later, this quilt of peace was draped around the Pentagon in a shared vision of peace.  Words of peace and hope were spoken before Mrs. Kofi Anan and U.N. delegates and representatives.  International childrens groups performed their dreams and vision for peace in dance and song.  Poetry, words, prayers of peace were read  by adults and children of all nations, all cultures. 
    Suddenly, in the space of a year, we saw the golden towers of commerce and industry fall in a flash of fire, and peace collapsed like a phoenix burned to ashes (with many lives cut off suddenly) before our very eyes.  We lost many loved ones, neighbors and our public protectors, our fire fighters, our police officers in an instant. 
    What is the role of a healer in times such as ours?  This is the insight so many of us have deeply required, the clear guidance we have prayed to receive.  The answer which comes is not an easy one (because our era is not at ease or at peace), but the answer is always the same for every time, in every generation:  Hold the energy, the Light of healing--be a clear pathway for G-d’s energy to be received for yourself, for others, for empowerment--do not despair.  We are all the children of one Creator, and as this is revealed through each of us it will be known and felt deeply and truly by all of us.  In this way the phoenix of our enlightenment always arises from the ashes of difficult times, in this way G-d’s Peace will come (finally) on wings of Divine grace to bless and heal all of us and our world.


    Wanting to share gratitude for all the blessings which we had received this past year, I asked all of my fellow passengers on American Airlines flight 329, December 7, to share their vision of “What Went Right in 2001.”  The following list of blessings was jointly contributed by both passengers and our crew.  Just making this list was healing and helpful to regain positive perspective.  As we prepare to celebrate our New Year of 2002, you may want to quietly contemplate a list of your own with friends, family, and fellow “passengers” who traverse your life, as a means of personal healing and
realization, to reestablish inner peace.

1.  “We’ve found out the truth as to who our real friends are.”

2.  “We have learned to value life and hold our families a little closer--to give our love more freely, to share our time with those we love--to really ‘pay attention’ to them.”

3.  “We have learned to value those who keep us safe, our police, and fire fighters, all who rush into danger to help us in disaster.”

4.  “We have learned that charity is more than providing a check, but direct service is truly giving, donating our time.”

5.  “We’ve learned not to take our freedom for granted.”

6.  “I am grateful for personal blessings.  My daughter got a job and my son graduated from college.”

7.  “We’ve learned to appreciate the ‘little’ things.”

8.  “The Yankees made it to the World Series.  They didn’t win, but somehow, it was enough.”

9.  “We’ve realized how important relationships with friends, family or acquaintances are and how unimportant are the materialistic concerns.”

10.  “I am grateful for a good business opportunity which I began in 2001.  It is a sportswear business and still going strong.”

11.  “I am grateful for our continued electoral process, that we will have a New mayor in New York City in 2002.”

12.  “I am grateful for a new drug which was developed to fight infection.  It is antiinflammatory, anti-coagulant .  It fights shock from infection.  I am grateful for the people who will be healed, whose lives may be saved because of this new drug.”

13.  “I am grateful that people in the U.S. got together.”

14.  “We survived!!  And as for personal triumphs, our grandson entered Harvard in a doctoral program.”

15. “The past year has taught us to appreciate everything.”

16.  “I am very grateful for the safe take off and landing of this airplane and that G-d watches over each and every one of us no matter where or when, in this life, and always.”

    I am grateful, truly grateful, for my life, for family and friends, for my teachers, for all past, present and future students, for all those who seek empowerment for themselves and others, for all who heal with unconditional love and in the Light of the Creator, in the spirit of Peace.

Reiki Magazine

With Peace, blessings, healing, and love, Ellen Louise Kahne, Reiki Master

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