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What can I do to make my Reiki healing skills more effective for healing myself and others?

This is the most frequently asked question of Reiki II healers, after an initial period of using their new Reiki skills.

Master Level Point of Focus methods, as taught exclusively by Reiki University, utilize very active Reiki healing techniques in order to:

  1. Enhance the energetic vibrational field (energy matrix) in which Reiki healing takes place.
  2. Remove negative energies using focused attunement and energy extraction skills (to remove negative energies).
  3. Teach empowerment/attunement skills to enable others to practice and/or teach Reiki.

Reiki I and II provide the foundation on which Master Level is built. Reiki flows through the practitioner to support and effect healing and deep relaxation. Reiki University Point of Focus Master Level accelerates healing and clearing on all levels in a gentle, supportive way, utilizing very powerfully active Reiki healing skills. The healing skills of the Reiki II practitioner increase dramatically upon receiving Master Level.

Must I be ready to teach to become a Reiki Master?

Many choose to take Master Level solely to enhance their healing capacities. The skills of Master Level are important to increase the level of your healing whether or not you elect to teach. When a Reiki Master decides to teach, a workshop intensive geared to teaching energy healing is available through Reiki University, along with ongoing support and guidance from a certified teaching Reiki Master.

How soon will I be ready to take Master Level?

Readiness for Reiki Master Level is determined on an individual basis. You will have a sense that it is time to move up to the next level of healing. When you speak with a certified Reiki Master/teacher, this will clarify for both of you whether you are ready to become a Reiki Master. Trust the healing energy of Reiki (itself) and the expertise of your teacher as guides for readiness. You may be ready to become a Reiki Master in a short period of time or your time may come after a year or more of Reiki healing.

Fill out the Reiki Master Level Registration Form.
Ask a Reiki University Certified Reiki Master about Master Level by calling the Reiki University (toll free): 1-877-HealNet
or email:

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