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Point of Focus Healing

Reiki University Point of Focus Healing refers to gentle but powerful healing techniques developed by Ellen Louise Kahne, founder of Reiki University and The Reiki Peace Network, Inc.

Point of Focus techniques use intensified, focused, and grounded Reiki healing skills which are easily learned by both beginning and advanced level Reiki students.

A focused energy matrix (vibrational field) is induced as the first step in healing. This preparation and other Point of Focus healing techniques deepen and accelerate Reiki healing.

Point of Focus Reiki techniques have enhanced all other healing skills and disciplines (including massage, physical and occupational therapies, nursing, psychological counseling and all allopathic and alternative medicine modalities).

Experienced Reiki practitioners and Masters have noticed greatly intensified Reiki healing energy from Reiki University students trained in Point of Focus techniques available exclusively through Reiki University Workshops.

Point of Focus Reiki is intense (yet very gentle) Reiki healing--Reiki with a difference.

Ask a Reiki University Certified Reiki Master about Point of Focus Healing.
Call Reiki University (toll free): 1-877-HealNet
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