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dear fellow healers and friends of reiki peace network,
    here's an update on our day of healing for all which took place on saturday, november 24, 2001:
    first, we are very grateful to the cross island ymca, to director of community resources for the ymca of greater new york,  bernadette lee, and to andrea eder, director of health and wellness, for providing space and to the staff for accommodating our needs, for the very generous outreach programs (for including us in their y program, national family health day)--for opening their hearts and the y center to all who need healing and stress relief, for publicizing the event in new york area press outlets.  the very special people involved with the cross island y have offered (by mail, and as is posted in their entrance window) to team with other support organizations to offer extended services (such as grief counseling, de-stressing and healing) for grieving, stressed new yorkers. 
    this was a beautiful day, a gift of the spirit from many, many healers in the new york area and others from all over the world who sent reiki distant healing and prayers to take down stresses and fears in beleaguered new yorkers and others who have suffered multiple tragedies this fall (besides the terrorist attack on the wtc, followed by the plane crash in rockaway, loss of jobs, continued fires and emergencies, anthrax attacks through the mails, etc., etc.).
    twenty-five very special (top new york) healers met that saturday, november 24, at the cross island ymca for a day of healing.  in the morning hours, we served those who were (already waiting on line at the door) to receive healing in three rooms donated by the y for the event.  many healers traveled from all over the new york city, from long island, and even upstate new york to participate.
    when there was a "lull" in demand during mid morning for our healing services, the chiropractors, reiki masters, jorei practitioner, massage therapists, reflexologists, trager@ therapist, amma?therapist, a hospice grief counselor, two nutritionists, et al received healing from one another.  as we said prior to the event, every healer was welcome to receive and participate in this reiki peace network event (and we all did).
    thanks to reiki master kristin ott (my strong right hand during the day) and my assistant and dear friend, marianne cancelleri, who organized materials prior to the event, registration went smoothly and we were able to serve over 76 people during the course of the day.  we may have under counted, though, as some people may walked in without registering.  as an indication of our busy schedule, one massage therapist reported that he gave 40-50 massages during the course of the day.  many people received multiple de-stressing healing modalities, as we worked to see that all received needed healing.
    we donated healing in the quiet comfortable ymca facility rooms on massage and chiropractic tables, in chairs, accompanied by relaxing and healing music in two of the three rooms.
    we used healing modalities on people of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities.  we came together in peace to promote inner peace and healing.  we were truly a peace network, working for all.  we treated children, adults and the elders (and one of our elders, reiki master/karuna v master healer rose kalich, at 87 years, was both healer and recipient of healing).
    dr. joan jacobs and her spouse, dr. louis vella, along with dr. gail whittacker used gentle, non force chiropractic methods to clear and heal many people. 
    many of the healing recipients went outside to inform friends involved in other y programs of the wonderful healing which was taking place.  many members of the y staff came for healing on their breaks, as well.  some respondants came because of the thousands of flyers, mailings, press releases in new york area papers, radio announcements, etc., which proliferated over the days and weeks prior to the event.
    one policeman who received healing (with his family) was particularly memorable to us.  this officer, along with several trained corrections officers, the head of the bronx (new york) prison system, and others, received an attunement for reiki level i (which i personally administered) during the course of his "day of healing."  his wife explained that this was the officer's "first day off, since september 11!"  he was so drained by the constant work schedule, by the lack of days off that he needed "everything" our healing hands could provide.  so, we gave him everything!  each time i turned around, i spotted this precious officer on another table receiving another healing modality.  we worked on him sequentially and in concert for hours.  at the end of our day, he looked happy, relaxed and at peace, as did his wife and two young children who (also) received healing.
    another police officer, ginny mccarthy, is an old friend and colleague (she's a reiki healer whom i've known for years).  ginny has been assigned downtown to the wtc since sept. 11, and has been counseling officers who have spent many days without relief at ground zero.  she arrived close to our closing hour so we were only able to do a few minutes of healing on her, but she was so grateful for this event, for all the healing which was donated at the st. john's center (under the auspices of the massage association's volunteers) and at pier 49 given by the olive leaf wholeness center.  ginny told me that this type of hands on healing was so important "it was all that kept us going at times."  she was concerned because several of the lower manhattan programs have been discontinued now and she felt they are still very much needed.
    the rooms were so hot because of the continuous energy work and "good healing vibrations," we had to open the windows and drink lots of water (that's another thing which reiki peace network provided, plenty of water, bags of organic apples for everyone, trail mix and dried fruit).
    for anyone who was motivated to contribute a donation for our "free" healing services, we provided envelopes addressed to the september 11 fund for each person to take home and "fill."  so, our contribution was a double blessing, as survivors/families who lost loved ones in the september 11, world trade center tragedy received our support, as well.
    we printed 1000 newsletters for distribution containing information on the november 24 event, including brief definitions of the healing modalities which were used, and an article on how to de-stress and heal for the holidays.  also, we distributed guidelines for healers and for recipients of healing, in order to make sure that everyone had a common understanding, so that everything could proceed quietly and smoothly.  if anyone would like a copy of the newsletter or the guidelines, we can accommodate you for a limited time (as supplies allow), if you send us your request promptly along with your full name and snailmail address.  (you may copy our day of healing materials, with attribution, and/or use the healing guidelines for similar healing events in your area).
    also, we intend to organize, promote and serve at smaller, donated local healing events on a regular basis, in order to hold the light of healing for ourselves and others.  if any of you would like to volunteer to help in this capacity, as healers, please contact us, as we will be doing outreach in the local new york community shortly (we're thinking of bringing healing directly to police precincts, fire houses, and local churches and organizations).  if you can help with this, please let us know.  if anyone would like help to organize a similar event outside of new york (worldwide), please email for helpful suggestions.
    as i looked around, as i walked between the rooms, making sure that all was going smoothly, so that everyone was served, i saw what all the healing, all the teaching, all the prayers and love had brought together on that special day. 
    we were, we are, we have grown to be truly a reiki peace network, promoting peace and healing through reiki, linking our healing hands with other healers around the world to relieve stress to empower, to bless with healing.
    as we were leaving, one of the y staff remarked to me that this was "the best program i have ever seen at the y in all the many years i've worked here."  for this, the credit belongs to every one of you who served to heal, who came for healing, who sent distant healing and prayers from around the world for all of us and, first and foremost, to higher power for sustaining us.
    thank you so much for your support, for those of you who spread the word, for each and every voluntary healer, for all who gave their love and skills unconditionally, for those who received blessing of healing (which was all of us), i am deeply and truly grateful for each and every contribution, for the space and time to heal, for every healing word, and deed.
contribution, for the space and time to heal, for every healing word, and deed.

much love, peace and blessings, ellen
ellen louise kahne, founder
reiki peace network and reiki university
1-877-healnet (1-877-432-5638)

the following are some of the modalities (and definitions) which were utilized to help, heal and de-stress on our day of healing for all:

definitions of hands-on healing modalities:

    reiki is a system of subtle energy healing using laying on of hands and distant healing techniques which originated in 19th century japan.  reiki issues from the limitless source of spiritually guided (intelligent) energy in the universe which is source of spiritually guided (intelligent) energy in the universe which is responsible for life itself and for all healing.  it comes from divine source, or higher power, that is, the organizing principle of the universe.  reiki is available to and practiced by people of all cultures, faiths, ages and backgrounds worldwide and is transmitted by a unique system of attunements (healing empowerments) which open the capacities of each student for passing subtle energies through his or her hands.  reiki is used for both self-healing and for de-stressing and healing others.
chiropractic is a method of removing interference from the nervous system by applying gentle (hands on) forces to the spine in order to enhance the innate healing powers of the body.
massage therapy
    according to new york state law:  揟he practice of the profession of massage therapy is defined as engaging in applying a scientific system of activity to the muscular structure of the human body by means of stroking, kneading, tapping, and vibrating with the hands or vibrators for the purpose of improving muscle tone and circulation."
    reflexology is the study, science and art of using specific 損ressure maps?-resembling the shape of the human body--found on the feet, hands and outer ears.  using specific relaxing touch therapy techniques, gentle pressure is applied to pressure points which correspond and connect to organs and systems of the human body.
    accupressure is an ancient healing art from the far east in which the therapist uses fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body.  when these points are pressed or stimulated, they release muscular tension and promote circulation of blood and the body抯 life force energy to aid in healing.
    developed by milton trager over 60 years ago, trager?work includes gentle movement and bodywork to relieve stress and retrain muscular movement sequences. 
    amma?therapy is a wholistic asian healing system rooted in ancient traditional chinese medicine.  amma, meaning 損ush, pull,?focuses and balances life energies in the human body using a system of massage techniques including shiatsu, accupressure, point manipulation and reflexology, stress management, diet, exercise and spiritual counseling.