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Teacher Preparation Intensive*
Reiki University® and Reiki Peace Network®
Degree Certification Program - Class Registration Form

*Prerequisite: Reiki Master Level 
(all non Reiki University students must include xeroxes of all previous Reiki certificates, 
including Master/teacher level along with this registration form)

(for Registration and/or information call: 1-877-HealNet) 
Tuition: $325.00, a pre-registration deposit of $75.00 is required 

Registration Form

phone number(s) (home):___________________(daytime/work):_______________
email address_______________________________________________________
website (url) -- www.
Previous Reiki training level/experience (include your Reiki teacher/school):

Method of Payment

Seminar Tuition: $325.00. A $75.00 registration deposit is required, 
the balance may be paid at the time of registration or on the date of the workshop.
(you may prepay your entire tuition by check, money order, Mastercard/Visa/AmEx.
Cash is also acceptable for balance payments on the date of your class)
(Checks are payable to: “Reiki U”)
Please fill in completely and return this form with payment to: 
Reiki University, P.O. Box 40426, Glen Oaks, New York 11004 

Cash____________ Check or Money Order____________

MasterCard____________ Visa____________ American Express____________

Card #____________________________ Expiration Date____________


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