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      The Online Publication of the Reiki University

Power Tools of Reiki--The Support Group and The Reiki Marathon
by Ellen Louise Kahne, Reiki Master

   New York City is a place of tremendous energy which is and has long been a power spot of great creativity and driving force. Because of the intensity of my beloved native city, many people here suffer from fatigue, stress, burnout and/or manifest imbalances and illnesses.

   Healers in New York have a phenomenal opportunity to heal the negative energies of the shadow self on microcosmic and macrocosmic levels and to raise the consciousness of a large community through the use of Reiki. As Reiki heals New York City, all else is being healed on the planet.

   It was in this spirit and with intent that I founded a city wide Reiki support group in the metropolitan area for individual and global healing and for raising consciousness in this angelic city with a dirty face.

   Reiki Peace Network is open to Reiki healers of all levels and lineage's. Its purpose is to heal rifts in the Reiki community, as well as to support the growth and expansion of Reiki through cooperation, networking and exchange of ideas. It is a central clearing house for information on Reiki and Reiki events.

   One future goal is the establishment of a Reiki healing clinic in the the tradition of Dr. Hayashi and Mrs. Takata in New York City.

   Mrs. Takata enjoyed an incredible personal healing at Dr. HayashiŪs clinic in the 1930s. She did maximum Reiki on seriously ill patients and witnessed amazing healings, as a result. This is the atmosphere of intense healing support which we want to manifest in our proposed clinic.

   A Reiki marathon organized for Jo Ann Mehnert, a new Reiki master and working mother of two teenagers who suffers from polycythemia vera, (a rare blood disorder).

   A person who has polycythemia vera over produces excess red blood cells and platelets. Neither the cause nor the cure of this disease are known. Little can be done medically beyond bleeding off excess red blood cells to prevent stroke, when blood counts become elevated. If the platelet count rises beyond a critical point, the doctors want to start chemotherapy, as elevated levels of these cells cause strokes and heart attacks.

   Before the Reiki marathon, Jo Ann was very pale and low in energy. Her red cells and platelets were elevated and the doctor wanted to bleed her the day before her marathon, but Jo Ann persuaded him to wait a few days.

    I organized Jo Ann's marathon as a first of its kind event. Flyers were distributed to health food stores, public bulletin boards, medical offices, etc.

   At 8:30 a.m., I gave Jo Ann a healing attunement. We proceeded to give her an extended Reiki session until 9 p.m. that night,with a break for lunch and to take care of her needs, otherwise JoAnn received continuous Reiki. Our goal was to have as many people doing healing as would fit around the Reiki table. At one point, I counted thirteen people working on her simultaneously. Also, I had sent out flyers nationally and internationally to Reiki masters asking them to send Reiki distant healing and encouraging others to do so, during the marathon. On June l,1995, twenty seven people quietly filed into my apartment through my unlocked door to do Reiki. Most of them had spoken to me, yet I had never met them. Some who had booked an hour time slot at the Reiki table stayed for many hours.

   Several people who came to help Jo Ann experienced personal healings. One Reiki Master who had severe arthritis arrived leaning on her cane in great pain and discomfort. Hours later, Inge Lix strode out happily with a spring in her step and the cane slung over her wrist. The atmosphere at the marathon was quiet and very present with Reiki. It felt like the energy of an attunement room multiplied many times over. The walls of my home sang with vibrational healing energy for weeks afterwards as an added blessing of the event.

   A few days after the marathon, Jo Ann visited her doctor and he found her blood counts were lowered, blood pressure normalized. She didn't need to be bled.Ó She has continued to receive daily Reiki treatments and is still well enough to be working these many years later (which astounds her doctors who expected her to be disabled and in failing health).

   Of all the miracles that day, perhaps the greatest was the quiet gathering of healers who came in Peace, through an unlocked door in New York City.

   In the years since this first Reiki Marathon, we have done many more marathons for seriously ill people. Reiki Masters around the world have contacted me to ask the procedure for this type of intense healing. Its simple, I tell them, just get together with the entire Reiki community and work on a very sick person for a whole day. The Reiki energy of Universal healing will organize your Marathon for you!

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    Ellen Louise Kahne, founder of Reiki University and Reiki Peace Network is a guided, intuitive Reiki Master/healer. She teaches all levels of Reiki using +Plus Point of Focus© techniques and unique sound healing modalities.

    1-877-HealNet or

© Ellen Louise Kahne